Jett Black Travel Wallet Essential

My next trip starts tomorrow! One of my favorite travel essentials is my Jett Black  Travel Wallet. It fits my passport, cards and travel documents while keeping them organized and  in one place on the go. Keep an eye out for my upcoming blog posts and upcoming vlogs on my youtube channel about my trip!

Jett Black Travel Wallet $99


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36 Hour Boyne Mountain Trip


Things to do at Boyne Mountain

  1.  Hit the Slopes!
  2. Go to Forty Acres Tavern! Make sure to order the Falafel wrap. It is literally to die for. If you’re over the legal drinking age then I highly recommend the Awesome Coffee and Almond Joy Drink!
  3. Clock Tower Ice Rink! Behind the Clocktower there is an ice rick with free ice skate rental in a small building next to it. It’s a lot of fun and nice to have something to do thats free!
  4. Get Cozy inside the by the fire. There are many pintrest worthy locations throughout the resort and to stay nice and warm inside. There is always something going on no matter where you are!
  5. Hit the Outdoor Pool! It’s warm like a jacuzzi, and super cool looking because of all the steam it gives off. Defiantly a good place to relax in this Winter Wonderland!