Inner Fire Gypsea Soul Collection

Inner Fire has been my go to yoga wear brand for about the last year now. They just launched their spring Gypsea Soul Collection which is super exciting not only because of the new prints, but since they added not one but two new styles of sports bras to their line! This collection is made to grasp beauty, the power of the ocean inspired by the sea and island life. From day one I always loved matching my clothes and my workout wear sets. The new line includes 6 new designs available in shorts, capris, leggings and two types of sports bras. They also have a few new tops witch whimsical designs too. I still am a big fan of how high quality the inner fire products are even after multiple wears and washings. I have very high expectations for their new yoga bras and cannot wait for my order with the new line to arrive. If you like what you see on the Inner Fire website make sure to use my discount code “Cortis15” and you will receive 15% off your entire purchase!I am so lucky to have discovered Inner Fire and not only love their products, but love being a part of the Inner Fire family as an Inner Fire Luminary. I will keep you posted on when my first package arrives and will do an updated review. I will also be posting photos with the collection on my Instagram so keep an eye out!

Here are a few of my top Picks from the Collection:

  1. Palm Nights- Explore Bra $54
  2. Palm Sunset- Capri $68
  3. Palm Night- Soul Short $38
  4. Palm Sunset- Move Bra $49
  5. Lotus Mood- Yoga Tank Top $28
  6. Crystal Dream- Explore Bra $54
  7. Ocean Dream- Leggings $72


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