Everyday Skincare Essentials 

When I was recently in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic I was lucky enough to discover and meet the founder of @evas.garden! She was one of the sweetest people I’ve met and very passionate about what she develops with her brands products. I wanted to take the time to really test out the @evas.garden skincare to be able to give a proper review for my blog. Over the past 3 weeks I have used nothing but the Eva’s Garden Skincare Range (Activated Charcoal Cleansing Bar + Rose Water Facial Toner + Skin Facial Moisturizer). I can honestly say that it has to be the most simple and effective skincare set I have EVER used. I would recommend to anyone who has combination / oily skin like me to help keep your skin healthy and clear. It’s not over drying, sticky or heavy like other products i’ve tested in the past. It works well when I pair it with or without make up application afterwards. When I am on vacation then I like to add in something with spf as well afterwards. I used to be the person with a million skincare products and now it’s so much easier now that I’ve narrowed it down to a simple travel friendly regime. I will definitely be continuing with this routine in addition to trying more of her products in the future. Not to mention I am a big supporter of Natural, Organic & Paraben Free Products. In conclusion if you’re looking for a new range or brand to try then I advise you to look into their range. 

Products Mentioned: Anti-Acne Facial Set $40 

Instagram: @Evas.Garden 


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