My Summer Pamper Routine

Sometimes work and travel become too much and you just need a night in to relax. Usually the first thing I like to do when I get home is to take off my makeup. As of lately I have been loving the Tula Purifying Cleanser because it is an all  in one product. It takes off your make up while cleansing my skin without being too drying. Its great because its suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin. It leaves my face feeling smooth and balanced every night. Next I like to go in with a face mask and I usually rotate to what my skin needs at the time. This time I decided to use the Exfoliating Treatment Mask also from the Tula Range. I think this is a great mask because it makes my skin feel so clean and helps clear my skin drastically. After that I love to run a hot bath with some sort of bath bomb/ bubble bar I have only ever really tried the Lush products so I decided to try the BeModel Cosmetics Raspberry Dream Bath Bomb. First off the price is a big plus for me as well as the fact it doesn’t have glitter so it makes post bath clean up so much easier. The floral (Lavender & Roses) scent was very aromatic and helped enhance my relaxation during the bath. I am a massive fan of these bath bombs and will be stocking up on them very soon. While in the bath I like to get caught up on my exfoliating by using the Remodel Cosmetics Cacao Body scrub I usually use it before I shave to have an extra silky glow and moisturized skin. This stuff smells like heaven! It is also a good product to use the night before a spray tan to exfoliate your skin so you tan looks and lasts better. After my bath I like to finish up my skincare routine by first taking off my mask. I like to follow up with a good serum, moisturizer and eye cream. For a serum I like going with the Akar Skin Neat Remedy Oil. I have always been timid when it comes to putting oils and serums on my skin as i have sensitive skin and tend to break out, but this one helps restore the sebum oils without being drying to help keep problem skin away. As for a moisturizer I still stick with my Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer because it is super gentle affordable and sits really well on my skin. The past few months I have been adding under eye creams to me skincare regime and the Keihl’s Creamy Under Eye Treatment w/ Avocado Oil has been keeping them moisturized and definitely helps me look less tired after not getting enough sleep! It also helps concealer apply better when using it beforehand! Lastly I like to get into some comfy pajamas and pick my favorite netflix series to watch whilst adding my Akar mini care lip butter. It helps keep my lips soft and hydrated without causing them to get drier in-between applications.

Tula x Purifying Cleanser : $28.00

Tula x Exfoliating Treatment Mask : $54.00

Bemodel Cosmetics x Raspberry Dream Bath Bomb :  $4.00 (Sale Price)

Bemodel Cosmetics x Cacao Coffee Scrub : $14.95

Akar Skin x Neat Remedy Oil : $80.oo

Simple Skincare x Replenishing Rich Moisturizer : (Price Varies)

Kiehl’s x Creamy Under Eye Treatment w/ Avocado Oil : $29.00

Akar Skin x Mini Care Lip Butter : $20.00











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