Reload is a company that makes reloadable portable perfume sprayers and lets you sample different designer fragrances on the go. I am always traveling so small portable size items are my favorite. The thing that makes Reload unique is that not only can you choose sample fragrances in the travel size sprayer, but there is also a kit for you to be able to take your choice of fragrance at home and put it in the device as well.I chose Dahlia Divin by Givenchy as my first sample fragrance in my bottle. Then I attached the interchangeable metallic rhinestone case to make it look a bit more glam and customized. After that i just throw it in my purse or backpack while traveling so I can have my fragrance with me at all times and not have to worry about my bottle being too big in the airport. If you decide you like one of the designer fragrances you tried there is £5 coupon for you to use to buy it on the website. I think this is a great thing to try because you get a good size bottle and it gives you enough product to see if the fragrance really is for you or not. I have had plenty of times where I thought I loved a fragrance in store spent a good amount of money on it only to get home and decide it wasn’t for me. I will defiantly be continuing to use and try new samples with my adorable Reload sprayer.

Fragrance Samples:  £ 5

Reloadable Refill : £9.90

Custom Sprayer Cases: Varies

Check Out Reload Here

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