Summer Favorites!

Sweater: Vintage

Shorts: Zara x Shorts With Turn- Up Hem $25.90

Choker: Mainstream Mavericks x BOLD  @34.00

Sunnies: Boohoo (Sold Out) x Similar x Sunglass Spot


Top 7 Summer Faves!



Mini Backpacks have always been a favorite of mine, but especially in the summer. Going to music festivals and to the beach being handsfree is key. I personally have a collection of black mini backpacks but my favorite as of late has been my convertible one. It makes it so easy to carry by having so many ways to hold. As well as you being able to buy one bag and have so many options to mix up your style. The one I have is sadly sold out. But I will leave some similar options below.


Layering Chokers/ Silver Necklaces has been one of my favorites for a while now. I was lucky enough to come by Mainstream Mavericks which is a Detroit/ LA based Jewelry line and I have been non stop wearing a few of their pieces. A few of my favorites from her line are:

Make sure to give her a Follow @MainstreamMavericks on Instagram!


I always have problems finding Jean shorts that fit me properly. Sadly we don’t have any Zara’s in Michigan so when I am out of town I always find the time to stop in. Luckily enough the first pair I grabbed (Zara x Shorts With Turn- Up Hem $25.90) fit me perfectly. They are the most comfortable pair of short I own and defiantly my go to from now on!


I am obsessed with Denim! A few Denim bits I picked up recently are:


Sunglasses are defiantly a staple in the summer time. I have become instantly obsessed with Sunglass Spot  after discovering them on Instagram. They have pretty much every designer inspired style and they range from 5-10$  each. They are very good quality for the money so I decided to stock up! They all come with a little drawstring bag to keep them from getting scratched.

6.  NKD SKN Pre Shower Tan

If you have a photoshoot or an upcoming event you want to have a summer glow for without sitting outside for hours then this is the perfect product for you. I cannot recommend the Pre Shower Tan enough. It gives me just the bit of glow I’m looking for without being orange, drying or applying patchy. All you do its apply it 10-15 minutes before you shower and you’re done. You’ll gradually see results 4-8 hours after. I picked my bottle up from Ulta after getting recommended it by a friend. It will be a essential of mine for all special events as well as when I’m looking for a little extra color.

Ulta x NKD SKN Pre Shower Tan  $19.99


7. WORKOUTS By Skimble (Free App) 

This is by far my favorite free app of the past few months. Its not just any old workout app. It gives you 100’s of options of workouts and its very customizable to what area you want to focus on and how long. You also have options to purchase different workout plans if you choose. My favorite feature of the app is that I can pre choose what workouts I want to do and when during the week and it will send me reminders. Since I have such a busy schedule sometimes workouts can be something you forget to do or slack on so the reminders really help me to get the job done. I usually pre download a few workouts on my iPad and save them so when I’m in locations where I don’t have wifi or data I can still complete my workouts. I am currently on a 4 day workout plan which I usually do in about hour sessions starting with a pre yoga warm up and a post yoga cool down.

Workouts By Skimble x Available on both IOS & Android





Twitter: TaylorCortisx3

Snapchat: Taylor.Cortis

Photographer: Timothy Leon x @TimothyLeon1


 PicsArt_05-24-06.34.05.jpgNKD SKN.jpgSkimble.png

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