Vibriance Super C Serum

Vibriance  is a company that combines skincare and science to create high quality skin products. I just received the Super C  serum in the mail today and I have been so hyped to try it. I have always been interested in trying a Vitamin C serum, but never had the chance to get around to trying one until now. Vibriance’s state of timage1-3he art Super C serum uses Acetyl Glucosamine, Synovea HR, Polyoprepolymer-2 and Ultra Filling Spheres™ to unlock
power of our highly potent and stabilized Vitamin C. Some of the benefits from using this product are reduced wrinkles, minimized sun damage, smoother complexion, hydration, increased skin elasticity as well as neutralizing free radicals reducing oxidative stress.

There are 5 key components to how this product works. 1. Super Booster Vitamin C 2. Ultra filling Spheres 3. N- Acetyle Glucosamine 4.Synovea HR 5. Polyoprepolymer – 2

How to Use: First I wash my face with a gentle cleanser then pat dry. Then I use my regular toner. I take a small amount of the Super C Serum and gently apply/ rub it into my face and neck areas. Once it dried I then added my normal moisturizer. ( It can be worn underneath makeup, but I have not tried it yet!)

This is only my second time using the product and I am excited to see what results come from prolonged use. I will defiantly be doing an updated product review coming soon!

You can buy the bottle in sets on 1, 2 or 3 bottles at a time. Starting at $64-$140.

If you would like any more more information about the Super C penetrating serum click here!

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